Chris Allen Plays It Forward with New LP and Holiday Ensemble

As the year begins to round third and head to a close, I have been preaching the Americana gospel about new record releases from singer-songwriters that hail from all parts of the country. Stationed here on the frontier of Northeast Ohio, there are some talented local folks who play three chords...

Weekly Broadside: Tryin' to Find a Hero in a Haystack

You should know that this first paragraph was written after I wrote what follows below. So that you don't scratch your head and wonder what the hell I may be thinking about posting this on a website devoted to the topic of roots music, the idea for this piece actually began to germinate two weeks...


Heather Maloney ~ "Dirt and Stardust", Craig Young, November 10, 2014

Heather Maloney - "Dirt and Stardust" (eTown webisode #692)

Buddy Miller ~ "The King Of Broken Hearts", Craig Young, November 10, 2014

Buddy Miller version of Jim Lauderdale's "The King Of Broken Hearts" (SESAC Awards 2010)

Blackie & the Rodeo Kings, Black Sheep (with Serena Ryder), Skot Nelson, November 8, 2014

'Black Sheep' by Blackie and the Rodeo Kings feat. Serena Ryder

Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons ~ "Broke Down Engine Blues", Craig Young, November 3, 2014

Ben Hunter & Joe Seamons - Broke Down Engine Blues (Live on KEXP)

Del Barber ~ "Country Girl", Craig Young, November 3, 2014

Del Barber "Country Girl"

Pieta Brown & Amos Lee - "Do You Know", Hanspeter Eggen..., November 3, 2014

Pieta Brown & Amos Lee - Do You Know

Frazey Ford ~ "Blue Streak Mama", Craig Young, November 3, 2014

Frazey Ford - Blue Streak Mama (Bing Lounge)

The Stray Birds ~ "Blue Yodel # 7", Craig Young, November 4, 2014

The Stray Birds ~ "Blue Yodel # 7"

Jamey Johnson ~ "Can't Cash My Checks", Craig Young, November 5, 2014

Jamey Johnson - Can't Cash My Checks (Live at Farm Aid 2014)

Jim White and the Packway Handle - Not a Song, Harrisonaphotos, October 30, 2014

Jim White vs. The Packway Handle Band - "Not a Song"