No Depression is a high-end, ad-free print magazine and an online community.


In 1995, founding co-editors Peter Blackstock and Grant Alden started No Depression, named for an online message board that was in turn named for the Uncle Tupelo song (and album) of the same title. That song also had been recorded by a number of notable roots artists before, including the Carter Family and the New Lost City Ramblers, and Peter and Grant thought all that history made it an ideal name for a magazine that wished to cover the past, present, and future of American roots music.  

It was quarterly at first but, over the course of its 13 years in print, ND established itself as one of the most prominent and broad-ranging bimonthly music publications in the U.S. In 2008, faced with decreased ad revenue and a faltering economy, ND ceased print operations and instead expanded its existing website, migrating to a community format in early 2009. For the first five years, the ND community had no writers or editors on staff, with all our content coming from a vibrant group of dedicated users, managed by Publisher Kyla Fairchild and Community Manager Kim Ruehl.

Then, in early 2014, Kyla Fairchild moved on to other things and FreshGrass – a festival and roots music foundation – took the reins, giving us the opportunity to hire an editor and a slightly larger staff. Staying true to our legacy, remains a lively stomping ground for dedicated music fans. While most of our blogs and articles continue to be crowd-sourced, we now commission professional journalists for monthly cover stories and maintain a small crew of paid columnists.

In the spring of 2015, we announced that No Depression would return to print with an annual magazine, the first issue to arrive in September 2015. Staying true to ND’s legacy, the magazine is full of in-depth long-form articles and artist profiles, original illustrations, and stunning photography. Unlike the old print mag, though, there are no ads and no outside distribution – instead, readers can purchase the new magazine directly from our website.