Album Review

6 String Drag On Top Once Again

6 String Drag - Top Of The World

I'm enjoying 'Top of the World' immensely.  Reminds me of 'High Hat' (my fave 6 String/Roby album up to now), and may even be better.

I just picked up this album and indeed Roby is in fine form. Message me if you want a tutorial on how to add links to music/video to a post tongue-out.

Thanks, but I'll pass on the private tutorial.  I don't post here on No Dep all that often.  Of course, if you decided to post your tutorial here publicly, I'd at least take a look!

Thanks Dr. Mutt...this is excellent...I anticipated it would be

Actually my comment was directed to the many (but not all - Easy Ed comes to mind as one of the tech-savy kids)  No Depression bloggers/reviewers that post interesting reviews but then fail to add a link to a tune/video. I guess they are too old (and/or Luddites) for this crazy hi-tech digital age we live in!  


Finest rootsrock album of 2018 so far.