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Ajay Mathur Entices with "Little Boat"

ajay mathur - Little Boat

Ajay Mathur is back in action with the new record, "Little Boat." Acclaimed by fans and critics alike, Mathur somehow tops the cake once again. On "Little Boat," we hear songs that are the most standout of the artist's career. Throughout we hear different sides of Ajay from the deep sounds of "Ordinary Memory" to one of my personal favorites, "Here's the Love." Taking a rather struggled upbringing which left Ajay feeling a bit lost and against the odds, the artist was quickly drawn to music...and rightfully so. The result is an album that is filled with charming songs that tug on the very heartstrings. It is obvious that the album is a true labor of love that will stand the test of time. The songs are indeed as strong as the stories behind them, and we are eager to hear what Ajay Mathur has to offer us next in the music world.

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