Album Review

All IS Well after all

Roy Peak - All Is Well

I was lucky enough to catch the CD release party for this album so I may be entering this with biased ears but I can tell you that as strong as it is in recorded form the live version is practically mythical.  There is sincerity in every song and none of them shy away from their punk roots but also fully embrace their folk marriages – in some cases second marriages. All Is Well welcomes you in with its acoustic guitars and warm harmonies but it sneaks behind you and grabs you with its stories.  These songs have things to say, some from darker places than others, but combined they resolve in hope. I like that.

Standout tracks include Inside Out, All Is Well and Teach Me, but its not just about the individual songs, its really about the whole experience. This album catches me in exactly that same spot that Son Volt’s Trace did, and for the same reason. This album gets me.  I hope it gets you too.