Album Review

Amplitude Problem pushes boundaries of electronic music on new album

Amplitude Problem - The Frequency Modulators Orchestra Vol. 1

By definition, orchestras are ensembles that are able to produce and capture a broad range of sounds and tonal patterns. Who said electronic instruments can’t make a full orchestra? Amplitude Problem, otherwise known as producer/composer/keyboardist Juan Irming, is an eclectic musical outlet with a broad and kaleidoscopic creative scope. This captivating release sets the bar higher, pushing the boundaries of electronic music and even incorporating elements as diverse as jazz, avant-garde, fusion, and synth-pop.

The Frequency Modulators Orchestra, Vol. 1 feels like a musical journey across various textures, ideas, and melodic invention, going for “unpredictability” as the common denominator of the sounds in this release. The production aesthetics are as challenging as the compositions themselves, opening the listeners’ ears to a broad variety of sounds and to a winning combination of atonal experimentation and harmonic richness. Between stunning contrasts and interesting arrangements, Amplitude Problem manages to capture the eccentricity of this project in a very relatable way.

This record is an exciting example of how electronic music really has an endless potential for creativity and experimentation.