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Amy Black - The Muscle Shoals Sessions

Amy Black - The Muscle Shoals Sessions

Amy Black went back to the FAME Studios to record this and gathered up producer and bass player Lex Price and the legendary Muscle Shoals keyboardist, Spooner Oldham, as well as horn section leader Charles Rose to make it more of a back to the roots of her grandparents who were from this area, her parents grew up there, and often returned so she got to spend a lot of her early years here, she was influenced by it all, doesn’t matter whether it was conscious or subconsciously music has a way of impregnating itself into your being.  There is a good balance on this record of swaggering toughness and vulnerability, a place where you can see the wavering mind come to grips with the conviction of a decision.  

This album all started with the decision to make a song in homage to her late much loved grandfather who was from the area.  She booked time at FAME studios and then other things intervened and she cut the song in Nashville and decided to use the booked time later.  Your familiar with the story of life interfering with our best laid plans, and then complications arising.  She eventually made an EP, and it was so well received that she almost had no choice but to do this disc.  

Spooner Oldham, on of the original ‘Swampers’ came into this when he was invited to perform on the EP and it just kind of grew.  Will Kimbrough, Ann and Regina McCrary, others with roots in the area helped make this a most worthy revival of the Muscle Shoals rhythmic sound.  It has some wonderful songs from back in that era such as the Oldham/Penn song “Uptight, Good Man”,  Don Covay’s “Watch Dog”, and Bob Dylan’s “Gotta Serve Somebody”, mix almost seamlessly with several originals, because she got the spirit.  Sure is great to see Amy stretch her wings and soar.

Amy Black  - The Muscle Shoals Sessions, Ruben Records

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