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Amy Rigby's Nostalgia Manifesto

Amy Rigby - The Old Guys

I wonder if philiproth@gmail is an active email?

Send him an e-mail and see Mr. Mutt...maybe you'll get a response from Nathan Zuckerman...


Let's see what happens! Given that Roth has stated in an interview "I don't smile" I doubt he will be amused (if he reads the email I sent).         Hello- Not sure if you are THE Philip Roth or A Philip Roth but philiproth@gmail was mentioned in a song by singer/songwriter Amy Rigby. But then I guess every Philip Roth is THE Philip Roth in his mind. Sincerely, R Mutt

I suppose he could still be amused even if he doesn't there's that possibility R...

Keep me in the loop...

  That username is taken. Try another.   I tried to open an account and it looks like philliproth@gmail is taken!   I'm feeling a bit like Matlock today!

I wonder if that Phillip Roth is smiling in his profile pic...?

I wonder if that Phillip Roth is smiling in his profile pic...?

I think so.

I think so.

What's up with this doubling thing...?   I only hit submit once this time...

I wouldn't say I enjoyed or disliked Amy's Roth song but it is a clever idea.

I wasted I don't know how many hours reading Roth's Portnoy's Complaint.  Larry McMurtrey, among others, would have a far bigger gripe.

Where's Dennis???

Donovan seems like a Yahoo (I mean from an online carrier standpoint of course)