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Andrew Hardin - Blue Acoustic

Andrew Hardin - Blue Acoustic

Andrew Hardin played guitar with singer-songwriter Tom Russell for nearly a quarter-century, displaying a versatility in folk, country and blues. On his fourth solo album, Hardin branches out for a collection of acoustic instrumental duets featuring Russell, Dave Alvin, Don Ed-wards, Eliza Gilkyson, Ray Wylie Hubbard, and bassist Washtub Jerry. Hardin also contributes four solo instrumentals with variations on a common theme. He recorded in the homes of his guests in Texas, Nevada and California, giving the album an intimate living-room feel. A sense of the natural serenity of the west seeps through in the subtle, low-key performances. Hardin and Gilkyson engage in a musical dialogue on Sedona, trading off melody lines. Alvins contributions on El Cajon and Mexicali Chinatown recall his acoustic work on the Border Radio film soundtrack. Indeed, these performances have the feel of movie music, establishing a mood or feeling with a minimum of embellishment.