Album Review

Anna Coogan & North 19 - Glory

Anna Coogan & North 19 - Glory

A former opera singer, Seattle's Anna Coogan turned to twang a few years back, "detraining" herself via the city's open mike nights. Glory, Coogan & North 19's full-length debut, is an exciting listen that showcases her stunning vocals, which bring to mind the sweet but striking approach of Kelly Willis and Iris DeMent. Coogan brings out the hurt in songs such as "The Ones Who Love You The Most" and "South Of The City", showing tremendous range and care. The lyrics offer the typical lonesome roads and heartbreak, but there are some nice details and surprises, especially the title track and "Drop A Line". The rest of North 19 (banjoist Travis Beard and bassist Kevin Burkett), along with several guest musicians, provide lively support; Beard also penned the standout "Love Will Find a Way" and the instrumental "Colombia".