Album Review

The Arrival of The War on Drugs

The War on Drugs - A Deeper Understanding

Their last record, which you referenced, was quite impressive as well...they have a very distinctive sound, which you've described about as well as one can, given all that is going on sonically...I see they've made the jump from Secretly Canadian to a major label too...looking forward to hearing this one..thanks John!

My ears perked up when in April the WOD released a song for Record Store Day called "Thinking of a Place." So do they release a poppy, hook-filled, attention-grabbing 4 minute song? No... it's a dreamy 11-minute sonic meditation on... I don't know, but it was great, filled with melodic repetition and killer atmospheric guitar solos. While I have to admit their songs seem to blend into each other without much separation, it's still great, soulful mid-tempo dreamscapes. 66 minutes is not too long; just put it on repeat and play it all day.