Album Review

Ashlei Brianne's 'Fell Fallen" is emotionally charged, soulful work

Ashlei Brianne - Fell fallen

Ashlei Brianne is a remarkably talented singer and recording artist based in Colorado. Her sound is very mercurial and forward-thinking, often exploring aide variety of genres and ideas in a very seamless way. Her most recent single, “Fell Fallen,” is a shining example of Brianne's creative excellence. She set out to explore the boundaries of genres such as pop, alternative, soul, and more. One of the first things you might notice is the amazingly emotional style of her singing. Her voice is warm, yet bright and appealing, and very easy to relate to, falling somewhere in between the soulfulness of Norah Jones, and the polished warmth of Sheryl Crow or Alessia Cara, only to mention a few. Her vocals sit perfectly on top of the mix, and the production of this track is also particularly stellar, with a lot of beautiful textures that enhance the liveliness of this release, allowing the song to feel multi-dimensional and inspiring for people from all walks of life. This isn’t your average soul singer.