Album Review

Austin-percolated legends revisited

LeRoi Brothers - Check This Action - reissue

Song "Check This Action" dive-bombed into lucky, early-Eighties ears with both confidence to kill and enough pick-'em-up-and-put'em-down, glad-all-over thrill alacrity as to leave many-an envious colleague covered head-to-toe in also-ran dust. 

"Moon Twist," the 1981 EP that first brought that cat-seizing coolness to adulatory embrace, evidenced that fiery, shakin'-it-down cut only tipped to something special, something well meriting further impassioned digging.

Six extra songs are preserved on this indispensable reissue. The Leroi Brothers (Don Leady, Steve Doerr, Mike Buck, and select, top-drawer compatriots) locked right down with the sheer gusto of men single-mindedly devoted to The Beat. 

Long may this spin. 

Recommended "Check This Action," "Eternally Blue," "Chicken and Honey,""Ballad of a Juvenile Delinquent," "Big Time Operator," "Till It's Too Late," "Cotton Pickin'"

Video "Check This Action" (Live at the Austin Opera House, 1983)