Album Review

Back in the Game

Peter Holsapple - Game Day

Great review Henry. Glad to see Peter's back at it.


Me, 21 years between records...I couldn't believe that when I first read it, but then I got to thinking when was the last time I bought a record by him...I only remember because a guy I didn't know prior was directing a play I was cast in...we were painting the set one Saturday and the director had a fairly recent live record by Peter in the boom box...I was the only one who had heard the record besides the director, but pretty much everyone thought it was great...I had to look up that play to see when we did it...1994...24 years ago...

Made a couple of excellent records with Chris Stamey...may have to pull those out and play them...

Good news. BTW, the Continental Drifters were a hell of a band, and their album Vermillion is great.