Album Review

Bassist Lello Molinari Pays Homage to Italian Composers with Hypnotic Results

Lello Molinari - Lello's Italian Job Vol. 1

Lello Molinari is an extraordinary bassist, educator, and band leader. A former scholar at the famous Berklee College of Music, Molinari has just released a new album, Lello’s Italian Job, Vol. 1, that is a dynamic showcase for his instrumental skills.

The slinky bass lines of “Fuhgeddaboudit” cast a hypnotic spell as Dino Govoni's soaring sax give it a burst of raw energy. Marcello Pellitteri's pounding drums heighten the tension in this smoking number. "Caravan Petrol" generates an atmospheric, almost Middle Eastern vibe with Molinari offering a sweltering jam on bass. It is a gorgeous homage to its composer, the legendary Renato Carosone.

Molinari wisely selects a variety of styles to choose from, covering an all-star roster of Italian musical icons with passion, respect, and imagination. "Quanno Chiove" soothes the ears like a soft pillow; the song speaks of passion and affection with Govoni's beautifully romantic sax and Molinari's lullaby bass. It is like a poem emanating from a lover’s eyes, confessing feelings of deep adoration. Its subtle beauty and slight twinge of sadness make it sentimental music that is perfect for rainy-day listening.

Lello's Italian Job, Vol. 1 is a joy to listen to and highly recommended for jazz enthusiasts.