Album Review

The Blue-Hots cast magnetic 'Spells' on dreamy new album

The Blue-Hots - Collection Three: Spells (2014-2015)

The Blue-Hots radiate coolness in every groove. With an atmospheric sound that has roots in '60s pop, jazz, folk, world music, and even post-punk, the Blue-Hots are unlike most contemporary bands, a collage of various styles that weave together an enigmatic vision. Their latest album, Collection Three: Spells (2014-2015), explores the spellbindingly beautiful artistry they have created.

"Fade Away" perfectly encapsulates the Blue-Hots sound. Hypnotic bass and dreamy, reverb-drenched guitar provide a mood-spinning foundation for lovely, disembodied harmonies that hang in the dark clouds like blinking stars. This is nighttime music, when the world has finally become quiet and innermost thoughts can be expressed and heard. "Raining" follows that creative path but leans toward '60s inspirations as it recalls Nico and the Velvet Underground. Guitars are in a psychedelic haze; however, the percussion follows a mesmerizing world-music rhythm. "Long as I'm Not Lonely," on the other hand, is snappy and soulful, made even more engaging by warm vocals.

Formed by singer/songwriter Ian Kane, the Blue-Hots will have listeners falling under their Spells.