Album Review

Blues From the Piedmont

Various - Classic Piedmont Blues

It is hard to see how any album can be called Classic Piedmont Blues without including any Blind Boy Fuller tunes! A very strange omission. A nice selection but it mines the folk/blues revival of the 1960's more  than the classic period of Piedmont Blues when Fuller and others defined the style.  "Statesboro Blues" and  "Freight Train" are just two examples that I  think would be considered essential "Piedmont Classics". But perhaps that's just me. And I wish somebody would tell me what Diddie Wa Diddie means. 

One of the problems that I have found Folkways has exhibited in its "Classic" series is a reliance on a majority of 1960s folk-revival material. The music is often good, but not vintage or classic IMHO. That, coupled with the vintage cover photos is kind of a "bait and switch" situation.  Caveat emptor.