Well said Grant.  The only thing to add is that since you are a blues fan, there is a 2014 tribute album by blues artists called A Blues Tribute To Creedence Clearwater Revival that blues lovers make want to add to their collection.

Sad that their story is what it is...John was clearly the true talent in the band...could he have been too controlling?...probably...but is there any evidence that anyone else in the band could write and sing like he could?...Mardi Gras more or less says no...and I am guessing that Saul Zaentz, who actually got almost all of the songwriting royalties and record sales revenue rather than the band, didn't care/didn't want anyone but John writing or singing.  He's sued Fogerty for songs written after CCR disbanded for (allegedly) plagiarizing old CCR tunes that Zaentz still owned the royalties to...he lost, thankfully...the band story is a sad one...but the music is a great legacy left by the band and a testament to John Fogerty's considerable talent.

For an alien interested in rock and roll and has never heard of CCR this is an essential box set.  For anyone else it reeks of milking a dead cow, drawing blood from a stone, useless as teet on a boar hog.....pick your simile (or metaphor).

Great band but this is less than essential.


Actually, Qiero Creedence is probably all one needs to remember them by.  The energy is there w/o the the Zanz can't dance vibe.  

Truly a sad story of a band gone wrong with mucho help from the "rights" owner.

Good to have all seven albums in one place. And John Fogerty's reputation as a contrary bastard is well known. It's no accident he played all the instruments himself on the Blue Ridge Rangers album and his first two solo albums, he's even a slightly better drummer than Doug Clifford. I bow to Fogerty's talent, but he's up there with Lou Reed and Van Morrison as one of the prickliest people in the music business. Good on him for standing up to Saul Zaentz though.


To me, they were America's greatest rock'n'roll band.  The stretch from Bayou Country through Cosmo's Factory is a four-album run without equal (except maybe for Beggar's Banquet through Exile On Main St).  Yes, it's a tragedy it all ended the way it did, but maybe in hindsight, CCR wasn't meant for Rolling Stones-like longevity.  I'd like to believe their short lifespan makes the music all the more powerful.  Sure Mardi Gras was embarrassing, but even that included "Someday Never Comes," and it doesn't sully what came before one iota.

Great review!

According to Fogerty's book, he ended up dominating the band because the other guys had no real work ethic. For years it was "let's party, John will take care of it". Then, when the others got some songs on the last album, it turned out they couldn't cut it. 

That's just his version, but listening to their whole catalog all at once like this makes me think he was right.