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Brian Hutson - Midnight Sessions

Brian Hutson - Midnight Sessions











Brian Hutson - Midnight Sessions 

Midnight Sessions:

Brian Hutson’s Midnight Sessions is a memorable five song EP featuring vocal talents that have, thus far, been exposed through only a handful of singles. This first sustained musical work from a talented vocalist and songwriter heralds the arrival of a new force on the indie scene and harbors enormous potential to do much more than merely carve out a reputation as a critical darling. There’s no question that discerning music fans will find much to admire on this recording. Singing seriously since the age of 12, Hutson has a firm command over a variety of vocal styles and sounds totally at home with every approach he takes. The cool confidence coming off his singing performances elevates already fine material several additional notches above par and promises that any future releases from Hutson, EPs or full length albums, will continue to exhibit a consistently evolving artist with the conviction, skill, and discipline to build a long lasting career.  

The smooth atmospherics ushering “Break My Heart” into life manage to imbue the curtain opener with an underplayed theatrical air and sets the stage nicely for Hutson. He invests the song with a weary, yet knowing presence and there’s more than a little appealing to be heard in the way he depicts, via singing, lovelorn resignation. It’s a relatively common title and the song is visiting lands that many of Hutson’s predecessors have visited, but Hutson does what’s essential – he brings something significant of himself and life to the song. “Kiss Me Feel It” has a beautiful melody lacing through the arrangement and steady brush drumming that keeps its semi-shuffling feet moving forward. His voice and musical backing do excellent work invoking the yearning heart beating hard within the song.


“One Night Stand” is easily the EP’s most rustic moment. It largely abandons electric guitar in favor of a much stronger acoustic guitar presence than before, but it nonetheless pays off for listeners with all of the classic pop song qualities and tugs at your heartstrings without seeming too self-conscious. “Behind the Wall” will hit open-hearted listeners hard and Hutson’s vocal continues to show his penchant for whipping up very human moments through his music and pipes. His artistry never disappears in these moments and, for instance, his ability to guide the chorus on this song is an important reason why it gets over so well with listeners. His talent for stirring emotion gets the spotlight on the final EP song “Keep the Faith Alive”. The song is labeled a bonus track and it carries a certain amount of unfair connotation in this case because the tune is every bit as strong as the preceding four and never added as an afterthought. It has the same thoughtful, almost elegant elements we heard in some of the more deliberate moments in earlier tracks, but it definitely aims much more at picking up the listener’s spirits as well. The effort is successful in thanks to, in particular, an effective and well produced chorus with great segues leading into the moment and back out into song. This is a defining moment for the young Wall Street employed performer, but he has some outstanding choices. One thing is for sure – the experience of vocally leading this project has brought him closer than ever to his dreams.


Photo Credit: Zachary Shapiro

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