Album Review

Bringing the Blues from California's High Desert

Stone Stanley - The Mudstomp Tapes

photo courtesy of Doug Deutsch Publicity Services

This review was previously published on Indie Voice Blog.

Artist Name:   Stone Stanley

Album Name:   Mudstomp Tapes

Label:   Iron Lady Records

Genre:   Americana/Delta Blues

Track Listing:  1.  Bitter End; 2.  Drop It; 3.  So Glad; 4.  Beast Inside; 5.  Cobble Hill; 6.  Iroquois Chant; 7.  Be With Me; 8.  Unfaithful Woman; 9.  Freedom Chant; 10.  My Shame; 11.  Soul Shine; 12.  Bottled

Publicist:   Doug Deutsch Publicity Services

Review:  We featured the video for “Bitter End” in our Ten Amazing Videos article last month, and the remainder of the album is just as amazing.  The band is led by Hesperia, California’s own Jason Robert, whose strong and sometimes raspy voice and dobro skills are perfectly suited for this style of blues, with a touch of Americana thrown in for good measure.  “Bitter End,” “Beast Inside,” “Cobble Hill,” “My Shame,” and “Soul Shine” are the best tracks.  We truly expect that this band may well become the voice of Delta Blues and Americana music.  Don't be surprised to see them headlining shows in the not too distant future.

Recommendation:  This one is a must have for all fans of the Delta Blues or Americana.  We think you will be putting it on repeat.