Album Review

Caribbean, African, and Latin influences converge on new Luis Garay album

Luis Garay Percussion World - Humanity

Luis Garay is a talented and eclectic percussionist whose music blurs the lines between various genres, including African drumming styles, Caribbean twists and Latin influences. Garay recently released a brand new project titled Humanity, and the album is a tantalizing collection of songs that are particularly impressive for their intricate grooves and amazing melodies. On songs such as the title track, it’s amazing to hear how even the melodic elements have a rhythmic spin to them, going for a unique and diverse sound.

The aesthetics of these recordings are elegant and down-to-earth, making for a vibrant, lush and direct sound with that elusive “human” component that really allows the music to shine. Ultimately, Luis Garay and his talented collaborators really manage to create a dazzling and kaleidoscopic release that feels almost like a creative percussion workshop, where these world-class performers had the chance to experiment with various
sounds and ideas.