Album Review

Carly Peeters' "Stuck On a Feeling" soars with infectious hooks

Carly Peeters - Stuck On a Feeling

The pure pop and synthetic throb of "Stuck On a Feeling" captures the infectious joy of summer. With the sunny weather starting to bloom, Filipino-American vocalist Carly Peeters has released the grand opening of a new season. The widespread reach of Katy Perry and Taylor Swift continues to influence young female artists, but Peeters has a soulful tinge in her singing that is beyond her years; furthermore, the playful way in which she drops her hooks has the dynamism of a seasoned veteran.

The 2017 Miss Teen International certainly has the kind of musical talent to make a serious impression. "Stuck On a Feeling" has infectious, danceable groove but her vocals are what truly kicks the track in overdrive. With fellow Filipino-American Bruno Mars now Top-40 royalty, it opens the doors for others like Peeters. Judging from "Stuck On a Feeling," she has the right stuff. It's exciting to discover an artist at the beginning of what could possibly be a long, successful career.