Album Review

Composer/guitarist Charlie Rauh's 'Viriditas' is a personal and beautiful debut

Charlie Rauh - Viriditas

Expressing gratitude comes in all forms and shapes. Viriditas is the debut album of talented composer/guitarist Charlie Rauh, who pays homage to the people and places in his life who have inspired him with its eight tracks.

“Augustine," with its indelible and charming melodies, can be compared to a classic folk song from your youth. This is a tune that has multi-generational appeal. Written after Rauh was introduced to his newborn nephew, "Augustine" shines with a childlike glow. “Lullaby for Djupavik” is a based on Rauh's Icelandic journey. The artist’s connection and sentimentality with the country is keenly felt. Rauh’s artistic improvisations in the track echoes the beauty and complexity of nature. It is intense, bold, and captivating.  

Among the best cuts is “Breathing Pleasure (For Connie Crothers)." It is a tribute song to the artist’s good friend and mentor. It has a melancholic vibe that makes you feel an emptiness that can never be filled. The song's passionate melody that will take your breath away. I consider this track a personal favorite.

Using different influences with each song is a little complicated, but Rauh is highly successful in doing so. Making the record has allowed Rauh to explore his artistic ideas and incorporate it into his music. Expressing gratitude to his inspirations and environment has given him the ability of making beautiful and expressive music. Viriditas is very personal but an album that everyone can relate to.