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Country has a new king in Jeffrey Halford & the Healers

Jeffrey Halford & The Healers - Lo-Fi Dreams

cover art for Lo-Fi Dreams

This review was originally published on Indie Voice Blog.

Review:  If you can imagine Tom Petty singing vocals for the Eagles while BB King plays dirty blues, then you have a taste of the awesomeness that is Jeffrey Halford.  On his eighth CD, Lo-Fi Dreams, he strips down his sound and lets the magic erupt.  The first track, “Two Jacksons,” sets the stage, and every song thereafter continues the story with amazing vocals, lyrics and musicality.  We simply cannot say enough about this album, which truly shines.  Every song is worthy of accolades, but we are especially fond of “Two Jacksons,” “Door #3,” “Bird of Youth,” “Sweet Annette,” and “Great Divide.”  The songs will make you get up and dance, while they also stimulate your senses with an overwhelming sense of upbeatedness and drive to get things accomplished. 

Recommendation:  Jeffrey Halford should definitely be on your list of favorite artists and his latest album deserves a preferred spot on your playlist.  We are proud to recommend Lo-Fi Dreams, and strongly encourage you to Get It when it is released on May 19.