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Dan Engelland - She Is So Fine

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Canadian singer/songwriter Dan Engelland ironically sounds more authentic in his attempts at Americana than many of his contemporaries south of him. Stripped of poppy studio gloss, Engelland’s latest EP She Is So Fine percolates with raw blues and minimalist folk. His tales of romantic woe and unbridled joy are given life with his menthol voice, unafraid to reveal the most wounded of emotions.

Sultry harmonica and Engelland’s lusty vocals embody the message of the title track; it is packing heat. Engelland’s voice recalls that of Anthony Kiedis of the Red Hot Chili Peppers in his moments of balladry; it’s most likely not intentional as Engelland is opting for a different approach, one that is rooted in the blues.

The crystalline acoustic riffs of “What’s the Child Gonna Say” and the bittersweet slow jam of “It Ain’t Over” unveil a depth of feeling that extends beyond Engelland’s personal narratives. Inspired by vintage country, bluegrass, and even jazz artists, Engelland was soaked in American roots music and She Is So Fine is the result of them beginning to simmer.


This music is incredible. simple, honest, from the gut.

Your review was well written and accurate.

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I love this CD. The review above is so well written and accurate. Said plain, this music touches the soul and makes the heart soar.  Period. The man deserves more recognition in a world of bla music.


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