Album Review

David Rawlings Stands Out

David Rawlings - Poor David's Almanack

What strikes me the most about Gillian & Dave is their ability to write new songs that feel ancient. Many of the songs here feel like old Appalachian folk songs. 

They can also do simples songs extremely well that would otherwise come across as corny. They pull off "Money is the Meat in the Coconut" the same way he pulled off "Monkey & the Engineer" on the original Machine album.

My only wish is that he would have showed off more of his exceptional guitar solos. 

I so agree! His voice sounds truly fantastic on this record, though, so it makes up for the lack of guitar solos.

There is genius in writing something that sounds so simple. Gillian's been doing it for years. We found out about David's ability to do the same when he starrted to release his own albums. I think his subjects are sometimes a little lighter than Gillian's. I like his use of strings in this album and his Nashville Obselete.

My only complaint with this record is that it's too short!