Album Review

Denise Fraga's talent soars on spiritual folk-rock album

Denise Fraga - Master of Breakthrough

Denise Fraga is certainly one of those artists who really care about making music that has a stark, powerful meaning, in addition to simply being tonally pleasing. The artist’s new album, Master of Breakthrough, is a really perfect example. This record is the epitome of modern Christian music, combining timeless values and thoughtful lyricism with a contemporary adult alternative sound. Fraga unites folk and rock influences with a spiritual perspective that is emotionally uplifting. The accessibility of the album offers massive crossover appeal for Fraga, who leads praise and worship at LifeHouse Humboldt in Northern Cailfornia.

Master of Breakthrough has an upbeat feel, and it is engrossing from the moment you push play, not only due to the stunning performances delivered by Fraga, but to the stellar production. The aesthetics are really spot-on and they add a lot of texture to the songs, really letting them shine. Ultimately, I love the way this record flows and soars.