Album Review

Devon Jones' Sensational Stomp

Devon Jones & The Uptown Stomp - Devon Jones & The Uptown Stomp

The blues come in many hues, but for East Tennessee native and current Austin Texas inhabitant Devan Jones, it’s all about authenticity. His debut EP with his band The Uptown Stomp eschews any deviation from the form, courtesy of four upbeat offerings that bring to mind the juke joints and roadhouse refugees of the ‘40s, ‘50s and beyond. Jones and company place an emphasis on brassy accompaniment -- sax, trumpet and harmonica fill out the fray -- but barrelhouse piano, surging lead guitar lines and a feisty rhythm section provide the full flourish. The Ray Charles standard “Stand By Me” (not the Ben E. King tune) provides a lively intro, but the energy only increases with the rollicking finesse of “Uptown Boogie and the stoic blues ballad “Last Night,” eventually culminating in the uptempo take on “Fine Little Mama.” Granted, Jones and company don’t take chances with a vintage formula, but then again, that makes this swinging self-titled offering bith captivating and compelling.