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Discovering Crooked Flower's "Darkness and Light"

Crooked Flower - Darkness and Light

Cali-based Crooked Flower are back at it again with their new EP, "Darkness and Light." Taking center stage on the release, the group had immediately drawn me in with their acoustic meets pysch sound...though what makes the band so different than the rest? Their passion which they infuse into each song on the album. On the release we hear the band creating songs that are solid from start to finish. From the captivating sounds of "Moving On," to the melodic nature of "Boyfriend," it is safeto say that Crooked Flower is a band to watch for 2018. Yes they have a few other releases under their belt, but this time the band has truly outdone themselves. Listen up and listen in, as the band is about to take you for a wild wide.

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