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Don DiLego's Delightful "Magnificent Ram A," Impresses with Every Note

Don DiLego - Magnificent Ram A

Don DiLego's charming release Magnificent Ram A makes its debut today via One Little Indian / Velvet Elk Records. DiLego, an artist that has been highly on our radar for the past several months has been delivering the goods with his enticing and noteworthy tracks.

As soon as “Karma King” began, I'm was looking forward to hearing what kind of vocal styling was to follow the instrumentals, which were impressive, as always, to say the least. The distant vocals gives an element of mystique, which grabbed my attention immediately.

Of note, the mixing and mastering on a “Wishful Poem” were extremely well done.  DiLego  is able to get his message across eloquently in front of the hypnotic array of back-up vocals, synths, guitars, and drum patterns. The well-written single "Drive Like Pirates" hits center stage, as well as “I'm On Fire," which hits every check-mark on my list of what makes a good song.

The mixing is on point, the instrumentals are unique, and DiLego  is prominently heard in the mix throughout with his charismatic vocals, that emphasis the depths of his songwriting. Standout track such as “The West Side Oak” and “Running in Place with a Desperate Heart” are both sonically pleasing and enjoyable songs to listen to.  The writing is well done, and brings a whole new life to Magnificent Ram A.

The songwriting and musical presentation is extremely well done and the performance from DiLego is timeless, and refreshing.  Magnificent Ram A in short, is a DiLego's masterpiece; so listen closely...

Magnificent Ram A is out today. Grab a copy below:


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