Album Review

Donovan Woods--- Back To the Single Again

Donovan Woods - All Mine

It's where it all started, sports fans--- the single. First 78s, then 45s created the music business as us oldtimers know it. One song + radio play = hit. It was a simple formula and you see it happen once in awhile these days still, but it was the cornerstone of what built the rock music business. Even before rock radio, the single fueled jukeboxes and if you want to know the true history of recorded music, you have to do your research.

Donovan Woods knows that. He, like most artists, knows the importance of the standout track too but he is too young to remember what singles as hits were. But it seems like he likes the idea. One song. The focus alone probably makes life easier.

I am talking about his new single “All Mine” which was just released. A bit smoother and more complex than his earlier endeavors, it reflects what Woods does best--- matching lyrics, music and production to make magic. Listen all the way through. You'll hear it.


The dude is hardly just a hitmaker, though. His previous albums and EP are works well worth checking out as are all of his videos. I find the new single outstanding, but here is why I am here in the first place. The man has a history... and a touch.



And this, for the personal side of Donovan Woods.


Ah, the personal side of music. Next time you think you know an artist, stop thinking. I mean, I didn't think Woods would go for the hit. Then again, I didn't know what he had in him, either.

Donovan Woods. Buy the single. Remember the name.