Album Review

A Double Dose of Devotion from Dailey & Vincent

Dailey & Vincent - Patriots & Poets

This Thanksgiving just passed, Dailey and Vincent certainly had no shortage of blessings to be thankful for. Ten years into a highly celebrated career, they marked a milestone when they performed their 100th show at the Ryman in December 2016, and were subsequently inducted into the Grand Ole Opry Hall of Fame three months later. On Patriots & Poets, they share their gratitude by offering an homage to God and country through a collection of songs that affirm their appreciation for both. While much of the material tends to echo familiar platitudes, the sincerity is still apparent, and given the fact that a good percentage of the album is comprised of their own original offerings, the sentiment is effortlessly expressed. An array of great guests adds some extra emphasis -- Steve Martin, Dave Rawlings, Bela Fleck, and Doyle Lawson are among the various luminaries -- but the duo themselves provide the inspiration and enthusiasm, not to mention the added impetus. Even though some may snicker at the unabashed reverence found in “Beautiful Scars,” “He’s Been So Good To Me” and “God’s Love,” or downplay and cast doubt on the patriotic posturing of “America We Love You,” the emotional embrace is pure and palpable all the same. Even those that don’t embrace the message may find the energy and intent irresistible. After all, both bluegrass and gospel are known for sounds that stir the senses, and the blend of both, with an extra additive of down home devotion, proves a genuinely compelling combination.