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Edenn “Thinking” (single)

Edenn - “Thinking” (single)











Edenn “Thinking” (single)


How powerful are our minds when we get lost in the moment of falling in love with someone? Our bodies are suddenly taken over and we’re gripped in every second by the desire to be around someone, to know what they’re thinking, to hear the sound of their voice or just be in their very presence. It’s like discovering an entirely new color that you didn’t know existed before this moment, and now that you’ve seen it, it’s changed your entire perception of the world around you. Even the things that you see everyday aren’t the same anymore, because the tint of this new hue, this new lens to see life through, is far more powerful than anything we could have ever experienced before this momentous event. Edenn masterfully captures the majesty of this moment in his new song “Thinking,” in which the multitalented vocalist and songwriter paints a picture of his own pondering of a love that he desperately needs in his life. He uses his wickedly adept ability to read human emotions to convey the story of two lovers who have found each other and are now lost in the trance that true romance causes us all to fall under when it’s real and it’s bound to be long lasting.

“I believe in you, believe in me, believe that we are meant to be” Edenn sings in the opening stanza of lyrics, and his exotic range of tonality is reminiscent of the variety of emotions that one experiences when the spark of love is ignited for the first time. For this being his very first single, he sounds like a seasoned pro behind the microphone, delivering his lyrics with a confident swagger that most artists spend an entire career trying to attain. It’s not hard to believe him when he pleads that his heart is on the line, and his mind couldn’t be more devoted to the lover that has him in the palm of their hands. He’s honest, endearing, and sensuously alluring in his proclamations, and it makes this track a lot more listenable than some of the more materialistically minded R&B hits of 2018.

Edenn isn’t trying to change the world or reinvent the wheel on “Thinking,” but what he is trying to do is inject a little bit of life into a genre of music that has been sounding slightly stagnant as of late. It’s not that R&B doesn’t have plenty of creativity or thrilling figures producing good music anymore, it’s that the artists that have been left in charge of guiding the scene into the future have grown complacent and aloof in their success, and it’s time for some new voices to share some influence in where we go from here. Edenn cares as much about the old school as he does about the upcoming apex in pop culture that the last 10 years of industry growth have been building towards, and it’s going to take someone with an appreciation for both to take leadership over a culture that deserves to be maintained and kept sacred until the end of time. He just might be the man for the job.


Mindy McCall