Album Review

Eric Ambel Makes a Rockin' Return

Eric Ambel - Lakeside

Really enjoyed the included song.  I believe that's the great Jimbo Mathus on drums, too.  The vide on the song reminded me of Buddy Guy's Sweet Tea album, which Jimbo worked on as well.  Will have to check this out. 

Yes, that's Jimbo Mathus.  He's the producer of the record.  I produced his record "White Buffalo" and have worked on several of his records since.  We were going for the Sweet Tea vibe on this one.  Thanks much.

The Flying Lizards' 1979 version of "Money" is itself a cover. Presumably they knew it from Beatles' 1963 version, with John on vocals. The original was by Barrett Strong on Tamla, from 1959.

Indeed.  Barret Strong is credited on the record.  It's the Jerry Lee "Live at the Star Club" arrangement that I've tipped the hat to here.

If (like me) you go searching for Jerry Lee Lewis's "Live at the Star Club" on Spotify, you'll find the track listings are all messed up. "Money" is actually track 3, under the title of "Great Balls of Fire". Killer album.

I wouldn't know.  I don't use Spotify, Pandora or the like.  I own the record.  It's one of my all time favorites.

Eric, that comment was meant for anyone else following the thread. I assumed you'd heard the record you were honouring. I'm ambivalent about Spotify  - the return to artists is poor, but it's a great way to explore music. For me, it's in a space between radio and music collecting. I typically see a review, check out the music on Spotify while I'm still reading, and often order the CD online before I've finished listening through the album.  

Great song...there's a much revered record out here by Chip Robinson called Mylow that went out of print a while back...Mr. Ambel was heavily involved as producer and player on that effort I believe...not surprised his own record would be very good as well, nice review Maeri...I'm going to buy Lakeside right away, and for those of you who have lamented that Chip's Mylow was not available for purchase for years, you can now get a digital download on Bandcamp (this just happened very recently)...keep them coming Eric!