Album Review

Escape with Trapper Schoepp on His Latest, 'Bay Beach Amusement Park'

Trapper Schoepp - Bay Beach Amusement Park

One of the fondest memories of childhood is the excitement for, and anticipation of, a day spent at the amusement park: the sites, the sounds, the rides you cannot wait to get on, and all of the fun that's to be had. Trapper Schoepp will have you reliving those moments with his latest, Bay Beach Amusement Park, which was released June 2nd. 

Excitement builds with opener “Welcome to Bay Beach” which offers a fun, carefree 1950’s beach party feel preparing you for the thrills ahead. That’s followed by the horn-fueled, romantic teen angel vibe of “Tilt A Whirl” where you can imagine being thrown closer to the object of your affection as you free spin, as well as the classic rock and roller “Zippin Pippin” which offers a tip of the hat to Elvis who rode the coaster eight days before he died, and “The Scat” a smoky tune that emits a  noir feel via keys and airy harmonies. 

Schoepp and company close out the trip with “Bumper Cars” capturing the liberation (and equality) of driving, dodging, and dashing behind the wheel, and the old-time revivalist tale of two boys who wish the “Ferris Wheel” would never end – only to have their wish happily granted.

Located in Wisconsin, Bay Beach Amusement Park turns 125 this summer and while the project is an ode to Bay Beach, it will make anyone nostalgic for a day at the park, and might even inspire you to recapture that excitement and escape for the day.

Originally appeared in The Daily Country