Album Review

Falling Your Way - Frank Viele: The Debut of a Veteran

Frank Viele - Fall Your Way

Frank Viele aka ‘businessman by day’, has a fierce passion for rocking out on stage! Although this funk singer/songwriter has been on the touring circuit for years, his debut album is finally ready to hit the masses this week! Fall Your Way is a true compilation of Mr. Viele’s life in the music industry and as of  April 7th , the 13 track record has dropped, showcasing all sides of Mr. Viele’s musicianship, including his rock, jazz and funkier sides. What better way to describe the music than from the artist himself:  "With this record I think things have finally fallen my way. It's the record I've always wanted to make."

Staying to true to his CT roots, the album was produced at Horizon Studios with Vic Steffens, who has worked with Harry Connick, Jr. and The Blues Brothers. Mr. Viele’s voice can be described as a mix of Bruce Springsteen with a James Aldean twinge that allows a slight country edge to emerge.

Crooning that he is "No Elvis, no James Dean," Mr. Viele’s honesty shines through and his voice is very endearing.  Perhaps his truthfulness is most notable on “Alexa,” although his vulnerability comes out throughout the album. His video for his first single, “Easy money,” has cartoon-y feel, as a tribute to his personal favorite cartoon, The Simpsons!

Mr. Viele opens with some true power sharing the spotlight by recruiting Joe Bonamassa on guitar, during the first track , "Broken Love Song." The introductory track is the 2nd single and  was released Tuesday along with the entire album!

Mr. Viele’s true strength lies in letting you into his world with vivid storytelling. The tracks alternate seamlessly between jazzy versus more “nitty-gritty” blues while all staying relatable, through a constant theme of "romance gone wrong." The tough relationship brings to mind what heartache can do for artistic discovery (Sam Smith Grammy wins, anyone?).

Overall Fall Your Way is an endearing mix of easy listening, jazz instruments and funk beats infused with foot-tapping guitar. After one listen, you will be singing along. Frank Viele truly entertains us with the crafting of each song into an enthralling story.