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Fayssoux - Early

Fayssoux - Early

The regal, elegant voice of Fayssoux McLean drips with a graceful ease that comes only with experience. In her case, that includes singing with Emmylou Harris for many years and a first marriage to the Seldom Scenes John Starling. Somehow this is the first album with her name at the top. Produced by fellow Spartanburg, South Carolina, expatriate peter Cooper, it lands somewhere between folk, country-rock and bluegrass on traditional tunes and songs from Fayssoux and her contemporaries, including Rodney Crowell (a Burritos-style California Earthquake) and David Ezell (The gently swinging I Know How It Feels To Love). Guests include Emmylou, Ricky Skaggs, Lloyd Green, Jen Gunderman, David Ball and Joy Lynn White, but Fayssoux and her regular accompanist Brandon Turner are more enhanced than overwhelmed by the assistance.