Album Review

Greg Humphreys Goes Electric (But Not Really)

Greg Humphreys Electric Trio - Lucky Guy

Greg Humphreys has never been the type to steal the spotlight or make a big noise. He achieved a measure of fame and notoriety at the helm of Dillon Fence, a satisfying but unobtrusive ensemble before graduating to an equally unimposing solo career. Subtlety is key to Humphreys’ efforts, and while his new album, Lucky Guy, is credited to the Greg Humphreys’ Electric Trio, in truth, it’s as soft spoken as ever. Most of the material comes across with an easy sway, effortless and alluring. “Golden Bone” offers the only actual uptempo tune of the album, just as the song “So Fucked Up” provides the only hint of discontent. However the real highlight overall remains the final track, “Someday I’ll Have My Due,” a soulful, serendipitous serenade that finds Humphreys aiming to exploit the song’s emotional essence and doing so in a way that brings to mind Rod Stewart at his sentimental best. So while the trio eschew elaborate arrangements -- Humphreys sings and plays guitar accompanied only by Matt Brandau on bass and Keith Robinson playing drums -- they create an engaging tone regardless. One gets the sense that Humphreys is building his reputation cautiously but deliberately, and Lucky Guy proves that his good fortune is all but inevitable.