Album Review

Guitarist Giovanni Moltoni electrifies with jazz and blues on new live album

Giovanni Moltoni - Just Another Night

Live albums can either be catch electricity in the air or go down in flames depending on the performer and setting. Thankfully, Italian guitarist/composer Giovanni Moltoni doesn't have Just Another Night on his latest album. Recorded live in a club, Moltoni is at the top of his game, his bluesy, atmospheric playing beautifully suited for such an intimate setting. Moltoni is a highly talented musician whose performances touch the mind and heart. The nine tracks on Just Another Night are unique and lovely.

"Best Hope" has a light melody which is relaxing to the soul. Virtuoso playing is pretty much evident in this cut, and you could go head over heels with Moltoni's solos. “Think Again” is a bit heavy and bass-centered at first. It has a mellow but dark melody, playing with your ability to convey emotions. The song has plenty of grit and displays Moltoni's ability to challenge and stimulate the intellect.

The breezy “Two Blues" can be considered as one of the moments on the album. Moltoni delivers an engaging, energetic performance that blurs the line between jazz and the blues. For fans of either genre, Just Another Night is both incredible and stunning. The level of technique used in each  track  boasts  a  high  degree  of  difficulty  and  precision.  However, just as important is the amount of passion that Moltoni unleashes here.