Album Review

H & J Quintet's new jazz album is classy and warm

H & J Quintet - Reminisce

H & J Quintet is a band with a personable, classy and warm sound; they take notes from classic jazz records, but approaches the genre with a more modern perspective. The result is a charming and dynamic blend of contemporary jazz, often exploring different creative ideas, but never forgetting the roots of this type of music. The band’s most recent release, Reminisce, is all about capturing the quintet’s musical chemistry, as well as their magnetic approach to arrangements and performance.

Due to their set up as a quintet, this group can really cover a broad tonal range, often resulting in intricate compositions with a very stark expressive power. Reminisce is a very emotional piece of music, and you can really feel the soul and passion tucked into each and every single note captured on record. Whether you are casually looking for a nice moody soundtrack to your days, or a greatly immersive listening experience, you are certainly going to enjoy this particular release.