Album Review

Heroes and Villains

This Frontier Needs Heroes -  Real Job

This Frontier Needs Heroes underscores the obvious, especially for those who recognize the underlying fissures that have engulfed this nation in the wake of a bitter election cycle. Their new album tackles these issues head on, and while they sometimes risk alienating their opponents, their populist pontifications are tempered with a folk-centric approach that isn’t all that uncommon with the popular protest movement that’s afoot these days. Consequently, songs like “Free Market Music” and “I Love Immigration” take a decidedly left of center stance, a  sharp rebuke to Trump and his team, as well as a show of support for all those who tend to rail against Wall Street and oppose any inclination to build that wall on our southern border. Fronted by the duo consisting of Brad Lauretti (guitarist, singer and songwriter) and Sadie Frederick (violin and vocals), the band takes a tenacious yet tempered approach that occasionally recalls a slightly less combative Neil Young with the band Promise of the Real in tow. For their part, This Frontier Needs Heroes maintains a solidly homegrown sound, one that never seems intent on violently shaking things up in any way other than through simple observation. “I know what it’s like to be homeless,” Lauretti laments on the aforementioned “Free Market Music,” stating so in such an understated fashion there’s no reason to cast any doubt. With their credibility confirmed, it’s clear This Frontier Needs Heroes practices what hey preach.