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"James Leg" As Immortalized By Mark "Porkchop" Holder & MPH

Mark Porkchop Holder - Death And The Blues

photo courtesy of Alive Naturalsound


Mark "Porkchop" Holder's hypnotically addictive Death And the Blues officially breaks the light of day tomorrow, November 2nd. As expected it's a heavy romp through the catacombs of deep Blues with an outsider punk aesthetic, authentic and powerful, at times sinewy and jangly, vulnerable yet unwaivered. On this luscious lump of audio bliss, Mr. Holder turns a Jelly Roll Kings number into a mega-anthem of the now non-boozing Rev. James Leg, or John Wesley Myers of Black Diamond Heavies fame if you're so inclined, to a rising affair in under two minutes. Now that's with a raucous fuzzy slide guitar and harp on the backend to bookend that luscious MPH rhythm section. And even a group chorus! Amen!!

"'James Leg' is based on the song 'Frank Frost Blues' by the Jelly Roll Kings. My friend James is doing better with his health than Frank was able to do for himself. I'm glad he's still with us, pounding the keys and the dirt", adds Porkchop to that end. That man sure does pound some keys. On that wink, can I use this moment to lobby for a Black Diamond Heavies reunion record? Can I get a show of hands? 

As for now, this will hold anyone over in spades. Porkchop and company delivered a church of Blues as real as death and taxes, all packed together in a neat package of some homeboys from Chattanooga, TN making a joyful noise and taking on punk ass fascists with drums, bass, guitar, brain, and soul. Sounds like a plan. Oh and they pay tribute to the great Junior Kimbrough, need I type more?

Ladies and gentlemen, "James Leg". The best two minutes of your day, guaranteed....

/scott zuppardo @ssktda

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