Album Review

Japanese Guitarist Shigeo Tamaru Redefines Alt-Jazz on Thrilling New Singles

Shigeo Tamaru - Singles

Jazz and rock may seem odd on paper, but when you hear them fused together it is nothing but a thrilling ride that takes you to different degrees of revelry. Shigeo Tamaru is a master guitarist from Japan who strums his way to his listeners’ senses, heightening them to the point of elation. Listening to his music can easily turn into a guilty pleasure you cannot resist, especially on his four new singles.

In his song “Burning Man,” listeners are given a taste of alternative jazz, and it is addicting. The bass guitar opening of the song gives it a dark and sober tone. Tamaru’s electric guitar montage adds more intensity to the track. Listening to this slow jazz rock is like going on a continuous discovery of the unknown, peeling one layer after another. As the music slowly fades with deep undertones, it seems to give you an answer but even that is still shrouded with mystery.

“On the Road” sounds like it came from a Beatles playbook. It has an upbeat tempo enhanced by the grittiness of rock. One can imagine this track being used in an action/adventure movie or even a James Bond film. It has all the musical nuances of racing against time and trying to beat the odds. This heart-pumping song will keep you hooked.

Tamaru slows down in “Orange Day” as it showcases the unexpected sweetness of the electric guitar. It is both romantic and mysterious like a never-ending tease between a lover and his beloved. It’s a track that treads delicately but does so with a certain tension. Enticing and intriguing, Tamaru shows that he can bring out intensity even in subtlety.

With an EDM intro, Tamaru transitions to a cool alternative jazz with “Perhaps It’s Better.” Delightful and relaxing, this song is a total ear candy. This is modern jazz at its finest—upbeat, dynamic, and invigorating. The guitar savant showcased his superior strumming skills in this track, allowing his guitar to sing and in the process charm his listeners. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself swaying your head or tapping your toes to its beat.

Tamaru clearly made sure that each of his songs in this album is distinct but cohesive. Jazz rock is the unifying thread in all his songs but he presents it in a multi-faceted way. Tamaru’s jazz fusion is a synthesis of different genres resulting in great music that defies categorization.