Album Review

Jason Isbell Lives It Up at the Ryman

Jason Isbell and the 400 Unit - Live From the Ryman

On the basis of a couple of listens admittedly, I think this is a great live album.

My only quibble is I'd love to have seen Children Of Children selected instead of Super 8.

Jason has a lot of slow tempo ballads, which are not usually to my liking.  However, he sings his heart out on these well-written songs and that makes it worthwhile.  Except for the emotional level, many of his songs sound about the same as the studio output. Superb artist with a great album that serves as a good introduction to his music for the unintiated. 

I love Jason's songs and all of his albums, but your review makes me feel somewhat sad and guilty that I didn't enjoy this new on. I deleted it from the digital jukebox after one listen. In a recent interview Jason speaks to the fact that he's like a split personality:an inciteful poetic singer-songwriter and the rocker which this live set showcases. His band is definitely one of the best on the road, but my lack of interest is probably more about me and my taste in music, which leans to the acoustic side. But that aside, I enjoyed reading your thoughts on it.