Album Review

Jess Wayne Stuns with Debut, "Ride the River"

Jess Wayne - Ride the River

Jess Wayne unleashes into the world, his new record, Ride the River. The debut album from the budding musical mastermind, Wayne brings together significant elements of Rock, Jazz, Americana and Folk, to create an album that bares his heart and soul.

Within the record we hear Wayne prove himself as both a musician and songwriter. His abilities shine through with an impressive and confident sound, that has us craving more.

Pieces such as "Say Goodbye Hollywood," intertwine with songs suh as "Taken You Home Last Night" which shows the true talent of Wayne. Each piece on the record brings a personal element into the mix, as he takes us away his journey-oriented brand of songwriting. 

Overall, Jesse Wayne's Ride the River is one of the most impressive and notable records of 2016. He's got us listening, that's for sure!