Excellent review...one of the legends...

Jim Dickinson seems to have been quite the character and a sort of Zelig of American music as evidenced by the information above. He also worked on the soundtrack to the 1982 Jack Nicholson movie "The Border" which got mixed reviews. Ry Cooder was the musical director for that film and the music was better than the film. He co-wrote with Cooder and John Hiatt the classic, much-covered song "Across the Borderline" and when Dylan started covering the song in concert Dickinson told his friend, Chuck Prophet, how happy that made him saying, "Bob Dylan singing my words!"

He was both a friend and mentor to Chuck Prophet who he had worked with since Chuck's Green on Red days. When Jim died in 2009 Chuck posted on his blog a very interesting and heartfelt memorial to him. (Just Goggle "Chuck Prophet and Jim Dickinson" to read the whole thing.) Chuck told a lot of his favorite Dickinson stories and my favorite concerned the recording of Dylan's classic  1997 "comeback" album "Time Out of MInd" on which Dickinson played piano. At some point producer Daniel Lanois was trying to convince Dylan to sing some song in a different way and Dylan needled him by saying, "Maybe if I took more advice on how to sing I'd have a career by now."

Jim Dickinson even recorded a live album credited to Jim Dickinson W/Chuck Prophet & the Creatures of Habit and called "A Thousand Footprints in the Sand--Live at Slims--June '92." It is out of print and quite expensive but I'd love to get a hold of it.