Album Review

Jim Richter works wonders transforming music on new album

Jim Richter - Metamorphosis

Music has certainly a lot to do with transformation. It is a lively, diverse, and flowing form of art that is exactly the opposite of static. Sounds travel far and near, evolving and getting contaminated with new, excited experiences. The concept of musical transformation is very integral to the sound and idea behind Jim Richter’s recent studio effort, Metamorphosis.

This release is packed full of interesting sonic combinations and arrangement ideas which might sound outlandish on paper, but work wonders in the real world. On this album, Richter expertly combines various musical styles, ranging from jazz to rock and fusion. His lead guitar word is accomplished and impressive. His playing has lots of "peaks and valleys," meaning that it’s not just all-out cascading notes the whole time. There are a lot of nuances and subtle ideas that really help the music stand out.

Richter can seamlessly alternate gentle patterns with energetic leads, creating a diverse tone. The musical backdrop serving the guitar is also particularly astonishing, with elegant rhythm sections and beautiful grooves that propel the tracks. Richter sets out to showcase his skills as a performer and songwriter with a record serves his growing reputation well. Magnificent!