Album Review

John Cable Offers Life Lessons Worth Remembering

John Cable - Broken Knife

“Don’t just live to die,” John Cable sings on “Wild Ride,” the opening track to his new album, Broken Knife. It’s fitting advice, and a suggestion that comes with commitment. One must take risks to succeed, and while it’s often easier to stay safe, Cable himself proves that taking a chance can reap ample rewards.

On the title track, he goes one step further. “Are you always going to chase the world with a broken knife,” he asks. These are the kind of life lessons Cable’s prone to impart, one reason why the album resonates the way it does. It’s also well stocked with gorgeous melodies, as evidenced by the soothing strains of “Pull Of Home,” "Holding On," “Holy Man” and the stirring "Let the Light Come In," in particular. Cable’s no newcomer; according to the bio on his website, he’s been performing since the late ‘60s, and for a time performed with the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band. That’s credence enough, but Broken Knife is really all the affirmation needed.

While this appears to be his first album, judging by the high level of his song craft, he clearly possesses a knack for affecting songs with a firm sense of purpose. “It’s alright,” he assures on the song of the same name, further proof of the power of affirmation as wielded by someone with the proper combination of sentiment and savvy. One terrific album, Broken Knife proves that point emphatically.