Album Review

John Hiatt Examines the Light and the Dark

John Hiatt - The Eclipse Sessions

One of the greats...always good news when John has a new record...

Thanks Grant for a good review of a universally loved artist.  Not only a perceptive observer of the human condition, but he always seems to have a first rate small rock band with his acoustic guitar adding a noticeable overlay to the band's electric mix.  Many times I get into the music before the lyrics.  Along with Van Morrison, Bonnie Raitt, Colin Linden, Ray Wylie Hubbard, and Richard Thompson his songs are always at the top of my listening library. 

Enjoyed this appreciation of the record.  Have listened to it a few times, the arrangements are fairly striped down and low key; the songs shine. And when the electric guitar kicks in it's well timed with tasty playing (apparently by Yates McKendree, whom I've read is the teenage son of the producer). A really nice follow up to Terms of My Surrender, which to my ear was a great record, a return to form after a few, by his standards, so-so records.