Album Review

Juana Luna's new EP is vibrant and colorful Latin jazz release

Juana Luna - Juana Luna

With roots in Buenos Aires and a home base in Brooklyn, Juana Luna is a driven, passionate, and charismatic songwriter who knows a thing or two about crafting powerful lyrics and amazing melodies, as well as interpreting classic South American styles. Recently, she recorded a stunning self-titled EP, which showcases her love for vibrant, colorful, and festive Latin American grooves. This collection of songs feels traditional, yet innovative and forward-thinking, combining Luna’s timeless performance with a production value that feels clear and pristine, the kind of high standards you would normally expect from a major-label effort.

Luna’s sound is very direct and energetic, yet intimate and emotional, bringing a whole new direction to each track, adding a lot of variety to the album. Whether you are a longtime fan of classic South American music, or you are new to the genre, you are certainly going to enjoy Luna’s powerful vocal performances and light-hearted vibes.